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Data Destruction Services

Our company specializes in the secure data destruction of any type of digital media devices with sensitive information stored as we offer off-site destruction services at our state of the art destruction facility for these purposes.

Call us today at 850-432-7111 or 1-800-875-4736, email: sems@cox.net to request a quote.

We pulverize floppy discs, cassettes, film, cd’s, dvd’s, blue ray’s, vcr tapes, hard drives, thumb drives, cell phones, pill bottles or any other type of plastic and metal storage materials into small confetti-like particles with our commercial disintegrator.

All employees have passed an FBI background check.

There is a disassembly and disposal fee for removal of hard drives from the computer towers and laptops.

How it works:

Once material is ready for pickup, one of our highly trained service technician will come to your location to collect your digital materials in one of our secure containers.

Once material is collected, the service technician will transfer your sensitive materials in a secure vehicle with GPS tracking to our state of art destruction facility to be destroyed.

A letter certifying destruction is sent to you with your invoice after completion of service.

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